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PID Dr Manoj SHAH (Kenya)
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PID Dr. Manoj SHAH Dear Lions of Africa,

Greetings and best wishes for the new Lions year with Dignity Harmony and Humanity. I would like to compliment PID Alexis Vicent Gomes and Past Club President Jean Claude Alyko for their dedicated efforts in making our Africa website informative and successful.

Aspiration is a hunger to fulfill our Dreams and Visions. When we aspire to a goal,that aspiration guides our decision and directs our energy. Quite often it also rallies others to the same goal,becoming the focus of shared efforts and satisfaction.

Our energy is now focused on GROWING our Membership to 30,000 by 2017 and Africa attaining its status of a fully fledged constitutional Area of our international association.

It is time for each and everyone of us to ask ourselves. Did I contribute in bringing new members into our Association ?. If I am proud of my Organization what prevents me from inviting and sharing the privilege of being a Lion, to a person who is known to me ?. Time is against us and we need to expedite to grow our membership in Africa.

This is also an appropriate time for us to close our Doors and not Drop Members if we want to see a net increase.

The Africa Lions Steering Committee which is represented by Leaders from all Corners of Africa, including The GMT and GLT Team are working hard to create a sustainable platform for Africa to be its own Constitutional Area by 2017. They are also playing a crucial role in membership growth and Retention.

We are about to Celebrate our Centennial Year, and The Biggest Celebration with your support will be Celebrating Africa as The 8th Constitutional Area of The World.

Wishing you all the very best.

Yours Sincerely,

Invite your Friends to join us!
Board Appointee
LCIF Trustee- Board Member
Past International Director
GMT CA Leader
Chairperson - Africa Lions Steering Committee

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