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The Lions Clubs International is already the Largest Organisation
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The Lions Clubs International is already the largest organization of club services in the world. However, it is essential not only to be the largest but the best one. This principle is true here in Africa where many social problems require an immediate attention and where we hope to realize ambitious aims to increase membership.

One of the best way to guarantee the best performance possible in your club is to evaluate the needs of the community. This process will ensure your club to be aware of the urgent needs of the most vulnerable members of your community and to take practical measures to assist them.

This way we will meet the requirements of our motto "we serve" while sensitizing the inhabitants of the whole continent to our clubs’ values and their appreciation. That way, we will be able to increase our membership throughout Africa and to establish ourselves in regions where inhabitants need desperately Lions services.

The research for solutions to major problems in Africa is not really a difficult or heavy task in a financial way. Lions principles that require work on site and basic commitment in the domains of sight initiatives, youngster services and environment defense, offer many different occasions to improve the life of our beloved ones.

Let us meet the challenge and encourage our club to be the service champion in our community !

Receive my warmest Greetings,

Lions of Africa Steering Committee

PID Manoj Shah, Kenya, President

ID HOB Lawal, Nigeria

PDG Ali Harbour, Algeria

PDG Hastings Chiti, Zambia

PC Norbert Bationo, Burkina Faso

PDG Robert Fowler, South Africa

PPC Alexis Vincent Gomes, Republic of Congo

IPGD Abdou Moukite, Marocco

PCC Rajinder Sembi, Kenya

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