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A new born club in Angola

Fanion luanda palancas negrasThe first and the only Angolan Lions Club receives its charter in Luanda in the presence of an important delegation of the Lions Clubs Concorde from Pointe-Noire (Congo), of the Governor Patricia Chavillot-Boudhou, of the Angolan Vice-minister of interior in charge of immigration, José NZAU and of Alexis Vincent Gomès, Global Leadership Team Leader, Candidate of the DM 403 as International Director for Africa.

The bravery of the Congolese Lions Guide Mbadinga Itsouhou of Pointe Noire Concorde Club finally bears fruits in Luanda, in this very day of June 09, 2012, by the creation of the Lions Club Luanda Palancas Negras, first Lions Club in Angola.

The President and initiator of this Club, the Lion Eduardo Vieira surrounded with the 45 members of the new club expressed with emotion, their satisfaction and pride to Serve with goodwill the International Association, which is settled in Oak brook, USA.

The Club Luanda Palancas Negras engaged itself by the voice of its President, to promote the values of the lionisme in Angola in order to reach the national objective of 1000 members in several clubs by 2015.

On behalf of the Committee of the Lions of Africa, he thanked 1) the Vice-minister, José NZAU for he facilitated the holding of this charter event, 2) the Lions Guide Mbadinga Itsouhou for his remarkable and exemplary action, 3) the PDG Norbert BATIONO, GMT Leader for his efficiency on the politics of growth in Africa and 4) Governor Patricia Chavillot-Boudhou, Governor of the District 403B.

Alexis Vincent Gomès concluded the ceremony by wishing good success to the Angolan new club.

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