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Message from Past Director and Board Appointeed, Alexis Vincent Gomès
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Beloved Friends,

It is a great honour and a privilege to send you my word of encouragement and congratulations on the occasion of our 23rd All Africa Conference to be held in Lome from January 31 to February 3, 2018, under the theme: We Serve Better Together.

I believe in our commitment, and I am sure that we are on the right way, with our messages of peace, our services and projects that give a smile and comfort to the most disadvantadged.

All Africa Conference is the best setting where, by the way of working group and seminars, we carry out assessment of our practices, an exchange of our experiences and an update of practices for a better impact and an expansion of the limits of our presence on the globe.

Dear Lion Friend, your presence to All Africa Conference in Lome is indispensable because the long-awaited moment when Africa will take is destiny in hand is close: the long-awaited constitutional area seems close…

Let’s come and think and agree together on the services axis and techniques to adopt.

All Africa Conference is also a time of entertainment and discovery of Africa in its cultural diversity.

This conference is likely to be the last event of this type until we meet in the first Lions Clubs Of Africa Forum.

Come to Lome and discover generous people along with fellow Lions engaged in their commitment.

While waiting for these days of meetings, the Togolese people, the Lions of Togo and Africa welcome you to Lome.

I wish all the best to the All Africa Conference of Lome.

My sincere and loyal Lions friendships.

Alexis Vincent Gomès, Snd Century Ambassador
Past International Director – 2013 – 2015
Conference Chairman
LCI Board Appointee 2017-2018
LCIF Board of trustees 2017-2018

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