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Message from International Director Hastings CHITI
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Dear my fellow Lions, Leos and Guests,

It is with great pleasure and profound gratitude that I welcome you all to the 23 rd All Africa Conference in Lome, Togo.

I extend the warmest greetings to our distinguished guests who have travelled from overseas to join us in celebrating our 23 rd All Africa Conference in the Lionistic year 2017-2018.
This is a joyous moment as we reflect where we have come from as Lions on the continent of Africa and where we want to be in the second century of service. Indeed, we cherish a proud past and face a bright future. We recently celebrated a milestone achievement, 100 years of service to Humanity and no one will erase this remarkable history.

Congratulations to all the Lions and Leos.

As we step into the next century of service, let us embrace the spirit of “We Serve” and remain united in diversity and action oriented service.

The “Power of We” unites us and demonstrates the purpose for which we exist.

We should continue to extend our humanitarian services to all mankind in Africa and across the Globe.
I wish to conclude by quoting our founding member lion Melvin Jones who once said “You cannot get very far until you start doing something for somebody else”.

Achieving our objectives will require membership growth at all levels.

And for Africa, that is what we need in order to become our own continental Area.

We need membership of more than 30,000 Lions on this Continent.

I humbly implore on each member to take a stand and be counted.

Together we can achieve and exceed this task. With the “Power of We” there is nothing that is impossible.

Please enjoy the Conference.

Yours Truly,

Hastings Eli Chiti, mjfp
Directeur International 2017 – 2019

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