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Lions Day with the United Nations
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1st IVP Tam listens attentively next to Kenyan VP HE Kalonzo MusyokaThe “Lions Day with the UN” in Nairobi, Kenya on the 18th March was a resounding success with some 450 delegates from 28 countries in attendance. The many outdoor project displays in the grounds of the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital highlighting the service activities of Lions in Kenya was not dampened by the sudden rains that fell on Thursday 17th. The projects were all well presented and the interaction between the visitors and the representatives of the Lion projects very informative and engaging.

1st IVP Dr Wing-Kun Tam represented Lions Clubs International on the Seminar sessions held at the UN headquarters in Nairobi. He was joined by a team of some 60 Chinese medical students who had come to Kenya to take part in a 2 week long “China East Africa Eye Care Project” with Lions in Kenya and Tanzania. For many this was their first trip to Africa and they were noticeably excited and visible in their distinctive yellow and black weather jackets.
PCC Norbert Bationo and PDG Ali HabourThe seminar sessions included topics related to disease prevention, health care and Lions services in Africa and was preceded by a video message to the gathering from IP Sid Scruggs as he was representing LCI at the parallel event at the UN Headquarters in New York. One of the highlights – of which there were many – was the presentation by Nobel Prize winner Ms. Prof. Wangari Mathai on the role of civil society in protecting the environment. Another was a beautifully serene traditional dance by very talented young Chinese woman. Her performance was made even more special when the audience heard that she was deaf but despite that difficulty had become one of the top dancers and played a very important part in the further recognition of similar artists with disabilities in China.
The day was concluded with a celebratory dinner with various Kenyan entertainers held at the Safari Park Hotel..

LCUN - delagtes in the UN conference hall
This was the first Lions Day with the UN held in Nairobi and without a doubt it was a resounding success thanks to the hard work and dedication of the convenor Lion Shehzan Luhar and his deputy PCC Rajinder “Pape” Sembi and their team. Congratulations and thanks to you all for arranging such a memorable and inspiring event

Pictures by Rob Fowler

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